Video: Middle School Moment

[This originally came out in 2012 but it is particularly salient as I begin to embark on a second year of guiding 8th graders through the high school application process. My school seems to be pretty on top of flagging these issues and following up, but I wonder about the students who want to leap into elite schools like the one this student attends. How can we help them process that cognitive dissonance, that stress, that guilt? And for the students who are not headed to elite schools, are we doing enough to ensure that they are not dropping out of high school? The key is marshalling data into adult intervention. How do we make that happen with more frequency?]

Middle School Moment

Watch the video!!

Middle School Moment is part of FRONTLINE’s Dropout Nation community engagement campaign supported by American Graduate: Let’s Make It Happen, a public media initiative funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to help local communities across America identify and implement solutions to address the dropout crisis. Learn more about how to participate.


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