Bus Sounds

Disclaimer: While I listen to a ton of podcasts I do not know how to create one. No sound editing knowledge at all.

But I grew up listening to the radio. In the car on the way to ballet class, while setting the table, while eating my morning cereal. I don’t have a radio but I listen to podcasts while I cook dinner, get dressed in the morning, and as I’m falling asleep.

So after all that listening I decided that you might want to hear what it sounds like to wait for the bus with my students.

It starts slow (here’s where editing knowledge would have come in handy). But you’ll hear one of the students talking about applications, stumbling a bit over her mixture of Spanish and English. I like this snapshot of their linguistic navigation because it shows them weaving in and out of languages, usually with grace but occasionally with difficulty.

One of my favorite parts is when I ask them about the audio postcard because they looked at me with two faces of “What?! This lady is crazy.” I am totally interrupting and they are indulging me. Until they try to push the envelope a little bit; then they humor me a bit more. It is also sorta meta because I’m recoding an audio postcard of their audio postcard.

I should also note that despite one student’s insistence, I am not in City Year.

Towards the end our conversation peters out and you can hear the dings of the bus, scanning our T passes as I head home.

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