Article: Dear Parent: About THAT kid…

[Not sure if this is partly because I’m running on not enough sleep (thank you late Amtrak and whining cats at 5 am) but this blog post made me tear up. To be as caring, capable, and competent as the author is a goal. Though she focuses on kids younger than the ones I work with (and I haven’t had this conversation with parents) I hope to be the kind of champion she models here. I’m only allowed to republish a little, so follow the link to her blog to read the rest.]

Dear Parent: About THAT kid…

By Miss Night, Nov. 10, 2014

Dear Parent:

I know. You’re worried. Every day, your child comes home with a story about THAT kid. The one who is always hitting shoving pinching scratching maybe even biting other children. The one who always has to hold my hand in the hallway. The one who has a special spot at the carpet, and sometimes sits on a chair rather than the floor. The one who had to leave the block centre because blocks are not for throwing. The one who climbed over the playground fence right exactly as I was telling her to stop. The one who poured his neighbour’s milk onto the floor in a fit of anger. On purpose. While I was watching.  And then, when I asked him to clean it up, emptied the ENTIRE paper towel dispenser. On purpose. While I was watching. The one who dropped the REAL ACTUAL F-word in gym class.

You’re worried that THAT child Continue reading –>

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