Podcast: This American Life Episode 550: Three Miles

[Really hits close to home — none of our 8th graders got into independent school but several visited. How do we help them manage the distance between these schools? How do we ensure that they make it through high school and through college? What do we do to close that gap? How can we get BPS high schools to be the kind of school that elite families want to send their students to?]

This American Life Episode 550: Three Miles

Ira Glass here. It’s This American Life from WBEZ Chicago. I’m just here for a minute to say we have a special show for you today. One of our producers, Chana Joffe-Walt, has been reporting lately on schools and education. You may remember a show she did on discipline in schools a little while back. [Which I also really recommend you listen to!]

Well, for the past few months, Chana’s been working on this other story. It’s about a part of education that everybody knows about but we do not talk about much at all, not in a way that feels like anything. This is a story full of surprise turns and twists, and I don’t want to waste anymore time here setting this up. I’m just going to hand the show over to Chana so we can get to it. Here’s Chana.

[This being a radio, please click to listen because it is waaaay better than reading it.]

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