Nothing to do with buses but too hilarious not to tell you about so please indulge me:

“Ms! Ms! Come here!” called a sixth-grader across the cafeteria. Confused, I walked over to where he was sitting.

“Has anyone ever told you that you look like Taylor Swift?” To which I burst out laughing.

“No…no one has ever told me that, R.”

“Hmm, well you do.”

Still chuckling I enquired, “Are you just saying that because we’re both white?”

“Naw, Ms! What?” All the tiny sixth grade boys, eyes wide, were giggling as they munched on chips and listened in to our conversation.

Perhaps not the most appropriate reaction on my part but, T-Swift, really?

A few days later I’m walking by their table again and a different sixth grader pulls me aside.

“Ms. did R tell you that you look like Taylor Swift?”

I can’t help but chuckle even though I know it only encourages them. “Yes, he did,” I responded as I started to walk away.

“Oh that’s right! And you said it’s cause you’re white!”

“Hah, yeah I did…” backing away from the table of sixth graders.

See the resemblance? Suggestions for how to react? I feel like this may come up again…


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