Help!: Recommend a Book to C

So C and I were standing waiting for the bus last Friday and I struck up a conversation with him.

“Weekend plans?” I asked.

“Not really…”

“You reading anything good right now?” I inquired hopefully.

“Well not really…the last thing I read was Monster…and that was good.” C had been assigned this in class and had been engrossed by the story of a young black man put on trial for murder written by Walter Dean Myers. No, I’ve never read the book. Merp. But I figured I was familiar enough with the premise to keep the conversation going.

“That’s an intense book! Would you like to read others like it?”

“Yeah, not sure how to find those…maybe the author, I guess.”

To which I responded by suggesting the BPL and the school library (shout-out to school librarians everywhere, especially Ms. Gordon from my elementary school and Ms. M at my current school!). But I also ended up offering to think of some recommendations myself. So now I’m turning it over to you — got any recommendations for a 7th grader who really liked Monster? You know how to get in touch with me or I guess you can comment (that’s a thing that people do on blogs, right?)…

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