The Idea (Part 2)

“But Lucy (or Loosy, or Luce, or LAP, or whichever name you use for me), why is this called Riding the Bus with My Students?”

Good question. In part, I needed it to have a name because that’s what people do – they name their blog-things. Plus, I commute to work four ways:

1. When it is warm and I don’t have to be at work early I walk (this has happened once, in part because I missed the bus and it was, in fact, cold so I walked instead of standing there freezing; but maybe in the spring it will happen more).

2. When it is warm enough and I don’t have anywhere too far or too immediately to be after school I ride my bike (this happened a lot in the fall and will happen again when spring eventually arrives).

3. When our schedules sync beautifully and I don’t need to get to work early my neighbor and colleague David drives me to work (Thank you! I will buy you coffee eventually to express my gratitude!).

4. I ride the bus (but I’m not going to say which one in case some creepy person finds this).MBTA-Bus pic

In the mornings the bus ride is quiet and I typically read (more on that later). In the evenings, depending on my post-school obligations, I sometimes end up riding the crowded rush-hour bus with my students who live near me (or well beyond me, which I’ll also get back to later).

A few days ago as I was riding the bus back with a sixth grader who I feel will become a common feature of this story I was thinking about how funny it is that I ride with my students home from work. And thus the idea for the title was born.

No, I won’t only tell you about the bus or about my students or about riding it with them. But it seemed like a reasonable place to start.

Here goes (again):

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